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Our mission is to enhance all phases of your natural sleep cycle so you can wake up feeling refreshed.


Sleep Smart

What’s more therapeutic than ending your day wrapped in a cocoon of super soft sheets? Perhaps it’s customizing your bed with high-quality Egyptian comfort sheets - at only a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to wait until you are at a five-star resort to be enveloped in velvety sheets; you can savor the luxurious feel of these satiny sheets against your skin in the serenity of your own bedroom with our Egyptian comfort sheets.

Giving your Bedroom a Style Boost

While our sheets are comfortable, they can also be used to add personality to your bedroom. If your bedroom or guest room hasn’t had a face lift in a while and resembles a blank, boring canvas, we can give you ideas on how to turn blah into beautiful. Our buttery-smooth sheets are available in a wide spectrum of solid colors, so begin first with selecting your dominant shade.

Many people believe that a sheet set - which contains the same colors - should never be separated; they feel duty-bound not to break with tradition. Be adventurous; spin a color wheel and experiment with contrasting tints and hues.

At these prices, you can afford to be bold and daring. You can purchase multiple Egyptian comfort contrasting sheet sets and use different color pillow cases to add dazzling accents to your bedroom. Pile several of our pillows on your bed to create a slumber-inducing look. Once you have begun with our sheets as your foundation, you can add eye-catching accessories, such as decorative plush pillows.

Continue adding a splash of vibrant colors to your bedroom oasis with one of our 100% Egyptian cotton blankets made with soften woven Egyptian yarns. Drape one or two of these irresistibly soft blankets across the foot of your bed to add warmth and color.

Safe for Sensitive Skin

Our luxurious, hypoallergenic sheets provide a rose-petal soft feel of breathable Egyptian comfort. Those who have sensitive skin or allergies will especially love them. Our plush 1800 thread count sheet sets are the softest you will ever embrace. And their durability makes them easy to care for, and they are more affordable than true Egyptian comfort.

Hotels Prefer Egyptian Comfort

Resorts and major hotel chains worldwide choose Egyptian comfort sheets to provide their guests with a peaceful night’s sleep. For thousands of centuries, the weaving process has continuously been refined. Egyptian comfort has a solid reputation for being the softest in the world; it also possesses superior characteristics and strong fibers. The length of the fibers is what gives Egyptian comfort sheets their silky texture.

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