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About us

What is Overstock Sheet Club?

We're a company dedicated to selling our customers the top of the line home and bedding products at unbeatable prices. Our goal is to help you live and sleep better without having to break the bank.

Is this a subscription service?

Nope! We plan to create a subscription to offer discounts in the near future however it'll be optional. For the moment everyone can enjoy amazing discounts on quality products!

Our Products

Who is your supplier?

We have an exclusive license to sell products which are known to be the top of the line when it comes to softness in bedding.

What is Egyptian Comfort?

That's a very good question. The term Egyptian Comfort has been used in the industry for a decade and it was created when the technology was good enough to create a thinner and softer fabric than Egyptian Cotton. At just 1/5 the width in diameter of a human hair, microfiber has become one of the most durable fabric of the 21st century. Now, don't go thinking there's cotton in here because there isn't. It's way better! Our sheets are designed to imitate the feel of Egyptian cotton sheets whilst surpassing the level of softness that cotton gives. They are more affordable, designed to be comfy, durable, lightweight, and are made of the highest quality hypoallergenic, microfiber.

Are these 1800 thread count?

Yes, our fabrics' thread count is achieved by using a balanced percale weave made of 180 Threads and 10 Multi-ply yarn creating a super soft, light-weight, yet strong 1800 Thread Count.

What are last chance items?

Looks like you've found the page with the biggest discounts on our website! Last chance items are clearance items that are final sale. This means that they are not eligible for a return or exchange. Sorry about that, but we're trying to get these items outta here to make way for some new ones!

Shipping & Deliveries

How do I track my order?

Well that's an easy one! During check out, customers can choose to stay in the loop by providing their e-mail address. Once the order ships, an e-mail is sent out with the tracking number and estimated date of delivery.

Where is my order confirmation-email?

If you don't see your confirmation e-mail, then try checking your spam folder. E-mails sure like to take detours! And if for some reason, you still can't find it, send us a message at and our friendly support team will help you!

How do I cancel my order?

I'm sorry to hear that! If you want to cancel your order, just let us know before the item is shipped! If you've received a shipping confirmation e-mail and want to cancel, then please e-mail us at to get information on how to initiate the return process.

What is a pre-order item?

Pre-order items are items that are not yet available but will be very soon! These items are usually our best-sellers and generally go out-of-stock pretty quickly. We have a limited amount of items per color, so once a color runs out, it will take a few months for that item to be back in stock. When we are close to getting these items again we give customers the option to pre-order.

Pre-order items have the estimated ship date on the product page so that customers have an idea of when to expect the items and to help them decide whether they would like to pre-order or not. If your order has a pre-order item and an item that is in stock, then your order will be put on hold until everything is available. If you would like a partial shipment, just send us an e-mail with your request at

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