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Why Thread Counts Are Important when buying the perfect softness of bed sheets

Everyone wants to sleep comfortably at night and choosing a thread count that fits your needs (and your budget) is the first step to getting a better night of sleep. When you are in the market for a new set of sheets it can get very confusing as to what kind of quality you are getting. 300 thread count? 800 thread count? What does all of that mean anyway?

Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads that are within one square inch of fabric. Imagine those threads like a weave: a sheet set with a 300 thread count will have 150 horizontal and 150 vertical threads woven like a grid into one square inch. Sheets with higher thread counts will have a tighter weave than sheets with lower thread counts. The tightly threaded construction of sheets with a higher thread count offer durability and superior softness.

Good quality sheets will have a thread count of 200-800 while better quality sheets will have a thread count of 800 or higher. Lower thread count sheets are usually cheaper and are easy to recognize due to their grainy and rough texture. Many of these sheet sets are sold in bedding sets and are a quick option for college students and guest room beds that may be used once a year. If you don’t remember the thread count of your current sheets, check for signs of wear and tear at the bottom of the sheet where dry feet can rub fabric. Sheets that have lower thread counts will easily show signs of deconstruction after just a few months use.

Higher thread count sheets can be drastically different in price and many can be well over a few hundred dollars depending on the thread count and size needed. However, not all higher thread count sheets are expensive. Many of the sheet sets at The Bed Sheet Club are under $40.00 for an impressive 1800 thread count construction. Manufacturers can now pass along the savings to consumers as they bypass traditional retailers and can provide high end sheets online.

Knowing the thread type of a sheet set is another important aspect of choosing the right sheets to fit your needs. Fabrics like flannel, micro plush, and cotton can all be made into comfortable sheets. Flannel is a great choice for cold climates but is usually only used seasonally due to its added warmth capabilities. Micro plush is great all year long and offers breathability and durability to get the most life out of your sheet sets. Micro plush is also stain resistant and is a great option for children’s bedrooms. Many types of cotton sheets are sold under different names and they all vary in weight and overall feel: jersey cotton has more of a spandex texture while Egyptian cotton offers a soft feel in exchange for a high purchase price.

Choosing new sheets can be overwhelming and confusing. Knowing the basics about thread count and material will help you choose the best option to fit your needs. Purchasing an 1800 Thread Count Egyptian Comfort Sheet Set from The Bed Sheet Club is a good choice in getting the highest quality micro plush thread count at a fraction of the cost. The tightly woven micro plush construction will provide you with soft and luxurious sheets that will help you achieve a restful night of sleep.

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