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Why Every Bed Should Have a Mattress Cover


Oftentimes a mattress cover is one thing that many people forget to purchase for their new mattress set.

However, a mattress cover can be one of the most important parts of a bedding purchase. Check out the following reasons why every bed in your home should have a mattress cover:

Protect Your Investment

A mattress is an expensive purchase that can be quite an investment. Mattress shopping can take a long time and it can be hard to agree on the perfect mattress if you have to share with a partner.

Purchasing a mattress cover, which goes on the mattress before your affordable sheet set from The Bed Sheet Club, helps to protect your mattress from unsightly stains. It also helps to protect normal wear and tear of your mattress and can increase the chance that you can use your mattress for a longer period of time.

Protect Yourself from Bugs

A mattress cover that encases the entire mattress can help to reduce allergens like dust mites and bed bugs that may be lurking in a mattress. Dust mites and bed bugs can live in the lining of a mattress which can raise the risk of allergies.

Sleeping on a bed with a mattress cover helps to filter the allergens that dust mites and bed bugs produce that can irritate the lining of the lungs. Putting a fully incased mattress cover, that zips around your entire mattress, gives an extra level of protection during use.

Protect Yourself from Allergens

Adding a waterproof mattress cover to a bed can help to protect against mold that can grow inside a mattress. Without a cover, a mattress absorbs the regular oils and perspiration that sleepers produce during the night. It may not seem like a lot, but over time this moisture can get caught within the confines of the mattress.

A mattress is composed of fabric, wood, and metal that can easily harbor moisture. This moisture then thrives in the warm environment due to normal body heat which can grow to become mold.

Protecting your mattress from absorbing moisture is key to protecting yourself from the unhealthy effects of breathing mold spores. If a sleeper suffers from asthma or is especially sensitive to allergens, a mattress cover can greatly help them in providing a filter of protection during sleep.

Protect Your Child’s Mattress

Mattress covers are a must have for any child’s bed. Waterproof mattress covers can be purchased that will protect the mattress from nighttime accidents or bed wetting.

Mattress covers also help guard against stains that a sick child can produce who may be experiencing the flu.

Having a mattress cover on a child’s bed is an investment that any parent will rely on to keep their child’s mattress stain free. Otherwise, parents would have difficulty cleaning or may need to replace a mattress many times throughout their child’s upbringing.

A mattress cover will keep your mattress free of unsightly stains and, in turn, can also protect sleepers from bugs and allergens that could be caught in the mattress itself.

Adding a mattress cover in addition to your new quality sheet set from The Bed Sheet Club is an easy way to add protection for a perfect night of sleep.


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