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Twin XL vs Full: What’s the difference?

Twin vs FullThe difference between a Twin XL size mattress and a full size mattress can be confusing. So what’s the difference? 

Well, a twin xl mattress is longer than a Full by 5 inches; however, it is more narrow by 16 inches. A full size mattress is therefore wider by 16 inches, but shorter by 5 inches. A twin xl mattress is more suitable for a single sleeper and taller sleeper; such as tall teenagers, adults that sleep alone and like compact sleeping beds, or who live in smaller spaces, such as a studio or small one bedroom. A full size mattress is better for adults who like to have a bit more space, and who are preferably under 5 feet and 9 inches tall. 

What is a Twin XL size? 

A twin xl mattress is 38 inches wide x 80 inches long. In comparison, a standard twin size mattress is the same width (38 inches), but it’s 5 inches shorter, 75 inches. A twin bed is great for kids, bunk beds and single sleepers who are under 5’9. 

A twin xl bed is best for taller teenagers, single adults or anyone with limited space.

At Overstocksheetclub, we offer a wide range of beautiful twin xl bedding. Our sheet sets include: 1 Twin XL Fitted Sheet 39” x 80” x 16”, 1 Twin Flat Sheet 69” x 100”, and 2 Queen Pillowcases 20” x 28”.

The fitted sheet is 1 inch longer than the mattress to allow extra space for mattress pads and toppers, as well as thicker mattresses.


  • Good for:
  1. Tall teenagers
  2. College students who live in dorms or studios
  3. Single adults who like to sleep in a small sleeping space or who have small bedrooms
  • Longer by 5 inches than a full size bed
  • Cheaper than bigger size mattresses


  • Only good for one person


What is a Full size? 

A full size mattress is 54 inches wide x 75 inches long. A full size bed is great for young adults, couples who like to cuddle or spoon, and guest bedrooms. Keep in mind, a full size mattress is best for individuals who are under 5'9.

At Overstocksheetclub, we offer a wide range of beautiful full bedding. Our sheet sets include: 1 Full Fitted Sheet 54” x 75” x 16”, 1 Full Flat Sheet 92” x 100”, 2 Queen Pillowcases 20” x 28”.


  • Great for teenagers and single adults who are under 5'9
  • Good for couples who like to cuddle and spoon each other
  • Good for singles who move around in bed


  • Not as good for tall people, or anyone over 5'9
  • Takes more space in a room than a Twin XL



Depending on your space, budget, and whether you sleep alone or with someone, you might want to consider different size beds. Here are mattress dimensions / mattress measurements that might be useful for you to know about:


A Twin mattress (also called a single bed) is 38 x 75 inches. They're the smallest standard bed size. They're great for kids. If your kids share a room, getting a bunk bed for them can be a great option! Bunk beds are two beds stacked on top of each other. They are functional if your kids sleep together, because it takes less space in a room than two beds side by side. The size of a Standard, Single or Twin bunk bed is 75 inches x 39 inches x 65 inches. So you'll want to use Twin size mattresses to fit onto the bunk bed.

Twin XL

Twin XL size mattresses are 38 x 80 inches. They have an additional 5 inches in length compared to a regular twin, so it's a great option when your kid is a bit older and growing too tall for a Twin size bed. A Twin XL can also be a good option for a teenager.

*Note that twin sheets and twin xl sheets are the same. Whether you have a regular twin size bed or a twin xl bed, you'll want to get twin xl sheets.


A Full size mattress (also called double bed) is 54 x 75 inches. A full size is better for a teenager who moves around; however, it is shorter than a Twin Xl so it's not as good for a tall person. Both options are great for smaller spaces such as studios or small one bedroom.


A Queen mattress size is 60 x 80 inches. A queen size bed is great for adults who sleep alone, have a mid-size bedroom, or like to cuddle with their partners.


A King mattress is 76 x 80 inches. A king size bed is great for couples who move around a lot, who like more space in bed, and who have kids or pets who take up space. King size beds are suitable for families.

California King

A California King size mattress (also called Cal King) is 72 x 84 inches - 4 inches narrower than a regular King, but 4 inches longer. So if you're more than 6 feet tall, or you share a bed with a taller person, you might want to consider a Cal King bed.

Split King

A Split King size mattress have two Twin XL mattresses (38 x 80 inches).

Split Cal King

There's also Split Cal King mattresses. Split California Kings are (also called Split Cal King) two Twin XXL mattresses (36 x 84 inches).

We at Overstocksheetclub offer sheet sets for all bedding sizes, including Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King, Split Top Queen, and Split Top King.

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