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Microfiber Fabric Bed Sheets: Advantages And Disadvantages


advantages of microfiber sheets

As with any fabric, microfiber has both advantages and disadvantages depending on the opinion of those who use it. Learn about both positive and negative aspects of purchasing microfiber fabric below:


High Thread Count

Microfiber is a fabric material that is small in nature. The beauty of microfiber is that a lot of the material is used to create quality sheets. Most microfiber sheets contain a thread count of 800 threads per square inch and some can be composed of even higher thread counts at around 1800 threads per square inch. The thin composites of the microfiber allow the threads to be intricately woven to create a strong and durable, yet also thin, surface.

Stain Resistant

The makeup of microfiber with the small weaving of thread allows it to be much more stain resistant than other fabrics. The tightly woven material creates a shield against penetrating liquids and repels stains because liquids cannot breach the tight confines between the threads of material. This results in a highly durable and stain resistant fabric that needs little to no stain removal upon washing.


Microfiber is made of wood and polyester fibers that are blended in a way that creates a soft and smooth surface texture. These materials are highly affordable so the microfiber itself is an affordable option for consumers. This unique fabric blend is used to create ultra-soft fabric that feels smooth and luxurious without the cost of other higher priced fabrics.



Attracts Static

Microfiber easily attracts static and is a good conductor of static electricity. Therefore, it will easily attract lint and hair if not washed properly without the presence of other fabrics. This can also become a problem during the winter season when static electricity is more prevalent in some areas.


It is common for microfiber to shrink during its first washing so many manufacturers plan on this and create pieces that are larger when first created. The tendency to shrink can become a problem if proper drying techniques are not used and the fabric can easily wrinkle if high heat is used during drying.

These are just some of the many advantages and disadvantages of microfiber fabric. Be sure to research the fabric well before making any fabric purchase. The advantages of microfiber greatly outweigh the disadvantages that some consumers may experience with the fabric.

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