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King vs. Split King: What’s the difference?

 King vs Split King

Technically, King and Split King mattresses both measure 80 inches long x 76 inches wide. So what’s the difference between a King vs Split King? The main difference is that a King size mattress is one big mattress (called the standard king mattress), while a Split King is divided into two separate Twin XL mattresses. The great thing is, they both allow plenty of space for you and your partner to sleep together comfortably. If you have a dog or a cat that likes to take up all the space, you’ll be happy with a King or Split King mattress too! 

So which one is best for you? Here’s what you need to know. 

What is a King Size Mattress

As mentioned above, a King size mattress is one big King mattress, 80 inches long x 76 inches wide. As a comparison, a Queen mattress (fit for a queen bed frame) is 80 inches long x 60 inches wide. So a King size mattress gives you an additional 16 inches of space. 

King size mattresses usually fit well in a Master Bedroom on a King size bed frame - depending on the size of your bedroom. We recommend you always take your bedroom’s measurements before buying a mattress. You want to ensure there is enough room for two nightstands (on each side of the bed) and walking space around the bed

Pro’s of a King Size Mattress

  • You can toss and turn, move around. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, you’ll have plenty of space to do so 
  • You can sleep in the middle of the bed and get closer to your partner 
  • You can cuddle with your partner as much as you want, on whichever side of the bed
  • You can sleep comfortably with your dog or cat, however much space they take 

Con’s of a King Size Mattress

  • The mattress is hard to move around due to its size and weight 
  • If you and your partner don’t have the same sleeping preferences, one or both of you will have to compromise on what you sleep on
  • Depending on the mattress you get, there might be an uneven weight distribution when you with you and your partner.

*Note that if you find a good memory foam mattress, you might lower the chances of motion transfer on a King bed.

A King size sheet set consists of one King fitted sheet (76” x 80” x 16”), one King flat sheet (108” x 104”) and two King pillowcases (20” x 36”). At we offer beautiful, hypoallergenic, and soft King sheets at unbeatable prices. 

What is a Split King Size Mattress

A Split King size mattress is made of two twin XL size mattresses side by side, each measuring 80 inches x 38 inches.

So what Are The Pros And Cons Of A Split King Mattress?

Pro’s of a Split King Mattress: 

  • Great for partners who have different sleeping preferences
  • Eliminates motion transfer 
  • If you have a Split King adjustable base/bed frame, your Twin XL Split King mattresses will move separately, so one person can sit up and read, whilst the other can relax lying down
  • Two smaller mattresses are lighter than one big mattress, making it easier to move if needed

Con’s of a Split King Mattress: 

  • There’s a split in the middle, so it’s not great for partners who like to cuddle or who tend to roll towards the middle of the bed.
  • Split King mattresses need specialized bed sheets and not all sheet brands offer that size. Luckily, we do! 
  • If you like to have a mattress topper on your mattress, under your sheets, you'll need two separate mattress toppers instead of one for the King size mattress.

Split King sheet sets consists of two Twin XL fitted sheets (39" x 80" x 16"), one King flat sheet (108" x 104"), and two King pillowcases (20" x 36"). We at offer tons of color sheet sets in Split King size. 

Other Mattress Sizes: 

If you think King and Split King size beds are too big for your bedroom, your needs or your budget, you might want to consider other mattress sizes, such as a Full or Queen size mattress. Here are mattress measurements that might be useful for you to know about:

Twin size mattresses are 38 x 75 inches. They're the smallest standard bed sizes. They're great for kids. If your kids share a room, getting a bunk bed for them can be a great option! Bunk beds are two beds stacked on top of each other. They are functional if your kids sleep together, because it takes less space in a room than two beds side by side. The size of a Standard, Single or Twin bunk bed is 75 inches x 39 inches x 65 inches. So you'll want to use Twin size mattresses to fit onto the bunk bed.

Twin XL size mattresses are 38 x 80 inches. They have an additional 5 inches in length compared to a regular twin, so it's a great option when your kid is a bit older and growing too tall for a Twin size bed. A Twin XL can also be a good option for a teenager.

*Note that twin sheets and twin xl sheets are the same. Whether you have a regular twin size bed or a twin xl bed, you'll want to get twin xl sheets.

Full size mattresses are 54 x 75 inches. A full size is better for a teenager who moves around; however, it is shorter than a Twin Xl so it's not as good for a tall person. Both options are great for smaller spaces such as studios or small one bedroom.

Queen size mattresses are 60 x 80 inches. They are great for adults who sleep alone, have a mid-size bedroom, or like to cuddle with their partners.

As mentioned above, a King size mattress is 76 x 80 inches.

A California King size mattress (also called Cal King) is 72 x 84 inches - 4 inches narrower than a regular King, but 4 inches longer. So if you're more than 6 feet tall, or you share a bed with a taller person, you might want to consider a Cal King bed.

As mentioned above, a Split King size mattress have two Twin XL mattresses (38 x 80 inches).

There's also Split Cal King mattresses. Split California Kings are (also called Split Cal King) two Twin XXL mattresses (36 x 84 inches).


FAQ - King

Where Can I Purchase a King Mattress?

Here are a few companies we love, where you can find king mattresses: 

What Kind Of Sheets Do You Use On A King?

You can buy a King size sheet set, or build your own with the following: 

1 king fitted sheet 

1 king flat sheet

2 king pillowcases 

FAQ - Split King

Where Can I Purchase A Split King Mattress?

A split king mattress is much easier to find. All you need is a king sized frame and 2 twin xl mattresses.

If you want an adjustable split king mattress, here are a few well known companies:

Is A Split King Adjustable Bed Worth It?

A quality night’s sleep leads to better health and productivity. So if you or your partner are having a hard time sleeping, an adjustable bed is worth it.

What Kind Of Sheets Do You Use On A Split King?

You can purchase a split king sheet set or build one yourself by buying the individual items separately. All you need is:

2 twin xl fitted sheets

1 king sized flat sheet

2 king sized pillowcases (or queen if you have standard)

What Sheets Do You Use On A Split King Adjustable Bed?

A regular split king sheet set with a good quality elastic, will work.


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