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How to Update Your Curtains and Coordinate Them to Your Bed Sheets

Pulling together colors for your bedroom can be tricky sometimes. You want to create an overall look that will be pleasing to the eye but it may be hard to know where to start.

If you already have a great sheet set, but are wanting to upgrade your curtains as well, follow these 3 quick tips on how to choose the right curtain that will match your bedding perfectly.

Consider the Color

The color of your bedding and curtains will be the first thing that you see when you walk into the bedroom. You may not consciously notice it, but your brain will subconsciously decide whether these colors fit together well.

If you already have bedding that is a neutral tone, consider purchasing curtains that stay within the neutral zone. Colors such as beige, tan, cream, or white would easily compliment a muted bedding color.

If your bedding is bold and colorful consider choosing a curtain color that will compliment what you already have in your bedroom. Usually adding more color on top of existing color may overload the look of the room.

Consider choosing a toned down color like a dark grey or blue to compliment your existing bedding. Another great option would be a neutral curtain like a cream or beige that has a small amount of color that matches your current bed set.

Consider the Texture

Curtain fabrics come in many different styles and textures. Although you probably won’t be feeling your curtains very much, the visual texture of the fabric can convey a lot. If your bedding is soft and comfortable looking, consider purchasing curtains that are also soft and comfortable to complete the overall look.

Such things like silk, lace, or sheer fabrics can convey this more delicate appearance. If your bedding includes gathering with buttons, ruffles, or quilting consider choosing a curtain fabric that reflects this kind of style. Roman shades are a good fit for more textured bedding as they fold neatly but also give a polished textured look.

Consider the Function

Do you want to update old curtains or do you need an entirely new kind of curtain style? If you need an update choose a curtain that is a different fabric but the same kind of style that you already love. If there is too much light in your room, consider purchasing black out curtains that will keep the room dark during early morning hours.

Many curtain styles offer blackout lining so that you can still have a nice looking curtain but also retain the blackout function on the backside of the curtain. If you are happy with your light exposure and just want a curtain to add style and interest to your bedroom, consider adding an easy valance or a few panels of fabric that will outline a window and will never be meant to close.

There are many curtain styles and options that you can easily add to match your existing bedding. Many online websites will send out free samples of fabric so that you can see how the fabric would look in your home. Make sure to follow these 3 steps in choosing the perfect curtain that will compliment your existing bedding set.

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