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How Many Towels Does Every Household Need? Here are some guidelines to follow

Depending on your household size and usage, it can be hard to determine how many towels would be ideal for your household needs. Follow these easy steps to figure out how many towels you will need for your home:

Family Size

The number of people living under your roof directly correlates to the number of bath towels that you will need. People usually use one new towel every few days. If you have kids or pets, you will need more bath towels to have one hand for other messes and spills in the bathroom. A good number of bath towels are 3-4 per person.

Consider getting a different shade of color for each person in your household. This will help eliminate confusion in regards to which towel belongs to which family member. It can also help to eliminate a child who likes to use more than their fair share of towels. Having a separate color for each family member makes it easy to instantly identify what bathroom the towel should be in as well.

Daily Habits

Washcloths are common to have but does your family actually use them? If you don’t normally use a washcloth in your daily routine than you won’t need many for your household. Consider purchasing a few washcloths for your home and having some on hand for guests when they arrive.

Number of Sinks

The amount of hand towels that you have will tie into how many sinks you have in your home. If you have multiple bathrooms, you will be using hand towels more often. A good rule of thumb is to have two hand towels per person in your home. These can be spread out throughout the house at the different sink locations though. Hand towels will get used frequently so having extras available is always a good idea. Also know that this does not include dish towels in the kitchen area as many of those are needed depending on your cooking style.

Extra Towels

It is common for households to have towels that won’t be used in a bathroom. You won’t want to use a plush bath towel at the pool or beach so having a separate stash of these towels can be very useful. Also, make sure to recycle towels that can be used for other things. A bath towel that is faded or torn will not do in a bathroom but would be great to use in the garage or for drying off a wet dog. Worn bath towels can also be stored under the bathroom sink in case of an overflowed toilet or drain. Making these extra towels easily accessible will help extend the quality of your bath towels that you use every day.

Consider the daily needs of your household when purchasing new towels from The Bed Sheet Club. Also don’t forget to purchase extra towels if you host out of town guests. Knowing your family’s needs and daily habits is key to having the right amount of towels on hand.


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