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A Guide to Buying Sheets: Learn Why Microfiber Bed Sheets Are A Better Choice Than Cotton Sheets

Choosing microfiber sheets from The Bed Sheet Club is a great option if you want sheets that are high quality, soft, and affordable. Learn more about why microfiber is a quality choice in your next sheet set purchase with these facts below:


Microfiber is a material that is made using a blend of both natural and synthetic materials. Wood pulp and polyester are usually mixed to create soft quality sheets. These materials are intricately woven into small fibers that are combined together to form a high thread count. Microfiber sheets from The Bed Sheet Club feature an 1800 thread count per square inch which provides ultimate quality and softness.

This high thread count also helps to deter the sheets from wear and tear and results in a sheet that will last longer than sheets with lower thread counts. The combination of the small microfibers creates a web of fabric that increases in durability when woven together.

This weaving of hundreds of threads means that your microfiber sheets will not be as susceptible to tears from dry skin, toenails, or catches in fabrics.

All Season Use

Many people purchase multiple sheet sets for their bed that correlate to the different seasons: lighter sheets are used in the spring and summer while flannel sheets are used in the fall and winter. The cost of having multiple sets per bed can get quite expensive, especially if this is done for multiple beds within a household.

Microfiber sheets are the ultimate choice to use throughout the entire year as they react differently depending on the season.

During cold fall and winter nights, the tightly woven together fabric will help to trap body heat to keep you warm.

During hotter spring and summer nights, the ultra-smooth texture of the fabric will help to keep you from sticking to your sheets resulting in cooler sleeping conditions.

Moisture & Stain Resistant

The tight weaving of threads in a microfiber sheet set offers incredible moisture and stain resistant capabilities. Spills, perspiration, or nighttime accidents will not penetrate the complicated weave of the fabric resulting in less stains and longer lasting quality.

The tight weave of the microfiber also helps to keep skin dry so sleepers are less likely to sweat during the night.

Time Saver

Microfiber sheets are easy to clean as they won’t require pretreatment for stains or blemishes in the fabric itself. This will lead to quicker washing and less time spent doing laundry.

Microfiber also dries three times quicker than cotton sheets resulting in less drying time, and less energy used, which saves consumers money as well. This makes microfiber a great choice for households with many beds as doing laundry won’t take as much time to complete and your bedding can be done quickly and efficiently.


Sheet sets can be extremely expensive and different materials offer different price points. The microfiber sheet sets from The Bed Sheet Club are an incredible value with twin to king sized sets being offered for just $39.95. These sets include both the fitted and flat microfiber sheet plus two pillow cases that match your bedding size. This price allows consumers to purchase a quality sheet set for every bed in their household at just a fraction of the price of other fabric options.

Microfiber sheet sets from The Bed Sheet Club offer the highest quality and value for consumers. Purchasing a brand new sheet set for under $40.00 is a practical, and durable, choice for anyone looking to replace older sheets. Order a few sets for multiple beds in your home to add ultimate softness and comfort in providing a great night of sleep.




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