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5 Tips for Washing Your Sheets Without Ruining Them


Sheets from The Bed Sheet Club offer a soft and luxurious feel to any bedroom set. The fabric is both breathable and yet strong in its construction which features ultimate durability. Caring for your new micro plush sheet set is easy and designed for maximum efficiency. Follow the follow care tips to make sure that your micro plush sheets last.

  1. Wash It Alone

It can be tempting to add other fabrics with a load of sheets but you can actually be doing more harm than good. If washed with other fabrics, the sheets will attract the lint that sheds off the cotton fabrics making it very hard to remove. Avoid overloading your washer with bulky comforters so that your sheets have room to agitate and receive a thorough cleaning.

  1. Skip the Softener

Our fabric of your sheets is already designed to be extremely soft, yet strong, in a unique way of feeling very silky to the touch. Adding fabric softener can break down the fabric which can cause your sheets to wear out more quickly. The particles in the fabric softener can actually clog the open areas of the micro plush fabric that allows your sheets to breathe. Clogging these spaces will drastically lower the feel and texture of your sheets. The special design of the micro plush fabric already provides extreme softness so no fabric softener is needed while washing.

  1. Avoid Bleach

Again, your sheets have already been designed with ultimate comfort in mind and will provide ultra-soft conditions right out of the packaging. Bleach is a strong chemical that is used to break down materials and should not be added to the laundry when your sheets are being washed. If a stain appears, consider using stain removers that are less harsh and can remove the stain without having any adverse effects to the fabric. Our sheets are extremely stain resistant so the likelihood of ever needing a stain remover is quite low.

  1. Stay Away From High Heat

Your sheets will be best cared for if dried on a low temperature setting below 140°F. Drying your sheets in an extremely hot dryer, for a long amount of time, can actually permanently harm your sheets. The micro plush fabric can get too hot and will begin to melt if exposed to extreme dryer temperatures. This will then cause wrinkling in the fabric as different parts of the fibers contract which can be very hard to iron out. If the weather is nice, consider hanging your sheets out to dry on a clothesline to capture a crisp and natural fragrance.

  1. Keep an Eye on It

Being aware of when your dryer setting ends is essential in making sure that your sheets are laundered properly. Allowing your micro plush sheets to sit inside the hot drum of a dryer can increase the chance of fabric breakdown. Pull your sheets from the dryer and immediately make the bed to create an extra warm and cozy environment for ultimate restful sleep.

Following these quick tips on how to properly wash your sheets (also included with your order), can extend the life and quality of your new Bed Sheet Club sheet set. Your sheets will continue to provide ultimate softness and durability for a quality sleep experience.


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