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5 DIY Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Private Oasis

Busy homes contain the hustle and bustle of daily life. Multiple family members and multiple schedules can make a home feel overwhelmed and overcrowded. Making your bedroom into a private oasis can help to ease the stress of a busy life. Follow these easy steps to creating a private getaway in your very own home:

Choose Soothing Colors

Different colors have been proven to either stimulate or soothe the mind. Make your bedroom a place of peace by painting the walls in a cool color like blue or grey.

Choosing a cooler color will automatically convey to your mind that it is time to calm down when you enter the room. If you already like your wall color, consider adding some pops of a cool color in accent pillows, a covered chair, or wall décor.

Think About Placement

When you walk into your bedroom do you automatically feel at ease? Are you happy with where the bed or dresser is located? Or do you always find yourself tripping over something that isn’t quite working where it is currently at?

Examine the main walls and areas of your room and consider moving some pieces around to a different location.

Keep walkways clear to make it easy for you to get to every corner of your room. If you have large furniture in a smaller bedroom, consider downsizing to pieces that will create more open areas and fit better in your room.

Add Some Lighting

Many home décor professionals believe that each room needs 5-8 different lighting sources. This can be overwhelming but having that many different lights can really affect the overall feel of a bedroom. Add nightstand lamps to create softer light before bedtime or consider purchasing a tall lamp next to a favorite reading chair. Dimmable lights are also a good option in order to tone down bright light and create a soft and dreamy atmosphere.

Create a Sitting Area

Creating a private oasis in your bedroom needs to have some kind of other seating options than just the bed. You will be more likely to use your room as a getaway if you have a comfortable chair that you can sink into at the end of a long day.

This extra seating will also entice you to take a break from the busy household to rest and recharge. Even if your room is small, you can still get a smaller chair or two to fit in an unused corner to create a cozy reading nook.








Choose Accents You Love

Is there something that you have found on Pinterest that speaks to you? Does your room include accents that you absolutely love? If not, consider doing some redecorating by placing items in your room that bring you joy. Assess every picture or decoration in your room to see if you really love it or if it was placed there just to fill the space.

Your bedroom oasis should not be over cluttered but tastefully hint at things that make you happy. Be choosy about your new decorations and remember that the less amount of stuff in the room will make the room feel more open and peaceful.

Following these 5 steps to creating a bedroom oasis in a busy household will help you feel more at peace at the end of a long day. Make your bedroom reflect your own style and make sure it includes things that entice relaxation. Remember that less is more in finding the perfect balance to creating a peaceful bedroom in a busy home.

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